GEMS Sports Series

This year the GEMS Sports Series is bringing together students from across the country to participate in over 10 different sports. The GEMS Sports Series gives a platform to all GEMS students which enables them to showcase their sporting talents.

We give students a chance to look forward to a fun and exciting experience that enables them to compete against their peers and strive to be the best they can be.

Our Reach:  

10 events, 40 Schools, 15+ players per squad, 14+ players per school, 10+ PE Staff per school

Media Impressions:

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  • Sports kits for all squad players
  • Staff Uniform
  • Sports equipment
  • On site branding

 ESM has created various programs within each group to (offer a sample of ) showcase the abundant opportunities on offer. 

We understand that each company wishes to add their own individualized touch / customized event. With this in mind, the opportunities can be specifically tailored to match your requirements.

For a comprehensive insight into a (particular) specific event or academy or to learn more please feel free to (contact) reach out to Paul Lightbody directly on 052 143 9025 or email