Holiday Camp Sponsorship

ESM Holiday Multi activity camps operate 4 x per year, Summer, Winter, Spring and Mid-term Camps


Our Reach:  

 13 Weeks, 11 venues, 4000+campers, 3 to 12 years old, 2500 parent involvement, 350 Qualified Sports professionals

Media Impressions:

Web site, Academy booklet, Social Media School


  • To provide a range of children’s gifts, caps t-shirts, bags, toys, promotion vouchers,
  • Staff Uniform
  • On site Branding

ESM has created various programs within each group to (offer a sample of ) showcase the abundant opportunities on offer. 


We understand that each company wishes to add their own individualized touch / customized event. With this in mind, the opportunities can be specifically tailored to match your requirements.

For a comprehensive insight into a (particular) specific event or academy or to learn more please feel free to (contact) reach out to Paul Lightbody directly on 052 143 9025 or email