Where are you located?

Our Head Office can be found in Motor City, Detroit House, Office 405. 

How do I book a facility for my friends and I?

Please make your booking and payment online here. If you are looking to book and commit for over 3 months please contact our team on facilities@esm.ae.

How do I become a provider of children’s sports?

ESM managed venues follow a strict protocol for all activity providers. Please carefully read the requirements here for more information or contact our team on academies@esm.ae

Can I join an existing adult sports league?

Yes. ESM hosts several sports leagues and fitness sessions for the adult community. See more details here.

How do I find the facility I have booked when I get to the venue?

There will be security staff and an ESM facility manager to assist you on arrival.

How do I pay?

Payments are made online with credit/debit card and will be confirmed via email.  Upfront payment only. Payments cannot be accepted at the venue.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

You must give 48 + hours notice by e-mailing facilities@esm.ae.
We will then reply to inform you your booking has been cancelled.
Customers that cancel later than 48 hours before their slot, will still be charged in full.

What if I am making a long term or corporate booking?

For bookings over 3 months in duration we can create a fixed contract. Discounts are available. Please contact facilities@esm.ae

What footwear/clothes should I wear?

Non-marking sports trainers should be worn indoors. Studded footwear is not permitted for use on any Astroturf/ Artificial pitches or in sports halls. Ladies are reminded to dress respectfully in correct sports attire.

Will equipment be provided?

NO. You must bring your own equipment with you. ESM will provide basic fixed provisions of football goals, basketball nets and tennis nets. Customers are required to bring their own racquets, ball, shuttles and other non-fixed equipment.

Can I bring my children to watch?

Child spectators are not permitted during evening /weekend rental bookings unless they are constantly supervised on a 1 adult to 1 child ratio. We reserve the right to ask any unattended children and their parents/guardian to leave immediately if this policy is not adhered to.

Can I bring my pets?

NO. Pets or animals of any kind are not permitted on any ESM sites.

Can I smoke on the premises?

Smoking is strictly prohibited on all sites and anyone caught violating this rule will be asked to leave immediately and could face fines up to AED 1,000.

Can I arrange a company event / family day or tournament?

Yes we offer a bespoke events service for all types of events for children and adults.
See here for more information or contact our team on events@esm.ae.

Can I bring food/drink with me?

You can bring water and sports drinks only. Food and hot drinks of any kind are not permitted. ALL litter must be removed from site.

What happens if a member of my party or I are injured during our rental?

The ESM Facility manager will assist and call an ambulance if necessary.
ESM Services can accept no responsibility for any injury to clients and their guests sustained whilst on site.

What if we damage something in the school?

Clients must report any damage to the facility manager and security. If damage is not reported within 12 hours the renter will be liable to pay the damage at a cost determined by ESM.

What if I want to offer commercial services or lessons for children at the venue?

Those clients offering commercial services (e.g. charging money to others for services performed at the venue) are required to provide strict compliance documents to ESM before placing a booking. To enquire please contact facilities@esm.ae